Alireza Bashiri
Ruby On Rails Expert | Software Enthusiast

Experienced developer who is enthusiastic about writing clean, efficient, and accessible code in a functional framework.

Employment History
Ruby on Rails Developer at Oozou, Bangkok
Nov 2018  –  Present

Working on project called Line Mobile which offers SIM card with simplified plans, including customer satisfaction and gamification, notification, etc

Ruby On Rails Developer (Remote) at Undeveloped, Amsterdam
April 2018  –  October 2018

Working on a domain trading/investment platform called Undeveloped including payment offers/counter-offers, reminder customers about payment offers/counter-offers, building WYSIWYG editor similar to Medium website (which is like a toggle on text), restoring domains in bulk using a background job and etc

Ruby On Rails Developer (Remote) at Round Table Apps, Sydney
November 2014  –  July 2018

Building an invetory management website from scratch called Zupply using Ruby On Rails using ActiveModelSerializer, RSpec, Dry-Validation (JSON validation). Working on catering and payment APIs of a healthy salad bar called Sumo Salad using Grape as an abstraction on top of Ruby On Rails...

More on LinkedIn

Python Developer at AEC, Tehran
August 2013  –  August 2014

Building an e-commerce platform called Bab which allowed you to build your online store (e.g. Shopify), designing and writing a template engine (e.g. Liqiud) for customers to that they can be able to customize their shops, optimizing MongoDB queries, ...

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